Because your visions are not 2D and flat

Softintor offers end-to-end Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solutions tailored to your needs. From Oculus DK1 to today, it has been a long an exciting journey for us with our clients. We develop foundational apps for augmented reality and virtual reality as the next generation platforms. We offer strategic consulting, rapid prototyping and complete development and implementation management to companies who want to immersive experience for their products and ideas. Our experts in Unity3D Game Engine, Vuforia, ARCore and ARKit engineers leading experiences in AR and VR.
From marketing campaigns to new product launches to stand alone apps, we are committed to bringing the best of your product.

AR/VR For Marketing Agencies

How about scanning your magazine and popups your product in 3D with all the animations and details. How about if your users are then able to interact with that 3D model and click on “Buy Now” from it? We engineer amazing AR where users can scan book pages, 3D models and planes to dive into experiences. Now, how about if your customers can see the entire home that they want to purchase and experience it in virtual reality? Our team at Softinator works on such challenging projects that not only works but also drive sales for our customers.
Whether it is an industrial training with 3D modeled objects in VR or scanning surroundings to get pinpoint props of free wifi at the airports or interactive advertising & showroom enhancement to guidance to remote physicians by displaying surgery in real time, it’s what’s next in computing and our experts are ready to code your vision.