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Ready to evolve your career? It does not matter how small “you are”; what matters is how significant your work is. People at Softinator work on the projects that they are proud of. People don’t work at Softinator to play small they swim in the deep ends of the water. Join our team of researchers and nerds to work on significant projects with great mentors.

Unlimited Coffee

Yes, if you are a caffeine addict this is your place to be. Also, start learning table tennis, we got a table for you. Take breaks during work to read some interesting books sitting on bean bags. Gaming nerd? We got Racing Wheel, Oculus and Joysticks.

Grow Yourself

In your free time if you want to learn something new or compute something huge, we got your back. You can use Softinator’s powerful in-house servers for personal use. Imagine 72 cores and 96 GB RAM running only your code.

Get Shit Done

You thing your brain works better in night? Or in evening? Or in early morning? We got flexible timings at work. You get stipend too for internships, go shopping! Focus while you work. Make a good team and Just.Get.Shit.Done.

Great Mentorship

We do not believe in bosses but in mentors. That’s how startups work. Work with some great people around you. Got a new great idea? Pitch it to your buddy here and if it is promising enough, we’ll buy you all the resources you need.

No Discrimination

We do not discriminate people on the basis of race, color, nationality or gender. We only discriminate on the basis tea vs coffee (just kidding, but this is serious).

Be Kickass

You’ll be here to learn and work. It’s an internship, not training. Get ready to solve some really challenging problems and build algorithms. You have to learn something new everyday. You’ll be working on live projects. You have to push boundaries.

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    Softinator TechLabs
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    Softinator TechLabs
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