Ok Google, brighten my home.

We were speaking the smart home language before its dawn.

Whether you need a smart home for individual needs or for an entire housing society, for a small office or a multi-city chain, Softinator’s solutions are optimized for all domains. Hardware these days is powerful and our highly efficient and cloud-connected network pushes it even further. Softinator’s devices are built precisely as per our international standards and also integrate well with existing products like IFTTT.

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Apple HomeKit,
we got it all covered for all your business and individual needs.

Home Automation

Find great devices in low cost

  • Switches
  • Lights
    • Philips Hue
  • Bulb Holders
  • Door Locks
  • Alarms and Security
  • Curtains
  • Fan Controllers
  • Robotic Cleaners
  • Domestic Robots
  • Weather Control
    • based on your GPS location
  • Garden Automation
  • Water Tank Automation
  • Remote and centralized management
Home Automation

All of our devices are softinatorHome compatible

  • softinatorHome
    • softinatorCloud
    • softinatorMobility
    • softinatorIntelligence
    • softinatorSense
    • softinatorSurvelliance
    • softinatorIFTTT
    • softinatorBots
      • softinatorAlexa
      • softinatorGoogleNest
      • softinatorSiriHomekit
Home Automation

Corporate Solutions

  • Office Automation
  • Energy Consultation and Saving Plans
  • Real Estate Solution
Home Automation


  • Manufacturing Robotics
  • Irrigation Control via drones

你好 Nĭ Hăo China!

Meet our executives at Global Sources Hong Kong, HKTDC Hong Kong, China Import and Export Fair, Canton Electronics and Canton Civil Fair, China this year.